imanage is a hospitality management services company that specializes in concept development, organizational restructuring, strategic development, brand management, franchise development & business model development. Throughout the past decade imanage has been part of conceiving and developing some of the most recognizable brand names in the F&B market both locally & regionally.


To create & develop financially sustainable, globally scalable & environmentally responsible restaurant brands that are accessible to consumers from all walks of life.


To be & be recognized as the best restaurant business developer in the region.


Confidentiality is central to all our work.
We act with Integrity and are open and honest about what we do.
We treat all people with Dignity and promote equality and diversity in all aspects of our work.
We are Independent of other agencies but work in partnership with others to create better services for clients.
We are Accountable and take personal responsibility for the quality of our services.
We are Professional and operate in accordance with international standards and best practices.
Our staff are encouraged to obtain professional qualifications and continually develop their skills and knowledge.
We believe in Innovation and that great just isn’t good enough, we anticipate the needs and meet them with products and services that set new standards.
We can be Serious without a suit.

The People behind imanage

Eddy Massaad

Chief Executive Officer

Elie Zouein

Chief Operating Officer

Bernard Massaad

Corporate Chef

Edy Abi Antoun

Administration Manager

Boudy Boustany

Chief Marketing Officer

Jad Najem

Financial Advisor

Nicholas Sfeir

Strategic Partner


Eddy Massaad

Managing Partner

Edmond Massaad is the founder and managing director of i manage. Eddy’s passion for the F&B industry started when he was a part timing as a waiter during his college years studying biochemistry at the USEK university in Lebanon. Upon his graduation instead of pursuing a career as a biochemist Eddy opted to use his acquired knowledge and invest it into his Food & Beverage career aspirations. During the first years of his career he held an operations position at Riva Management Group and a supply chain management position at Zaatar w Zeit before taking the decision to completely focus on developing i manage. Eddy is a certified food & beverage cost controller, supply chain professional and Lead Auditor (ISO 22000), expert in strategic development, feasibility studies, franchising program development and investment planning for QSR & FSR concepts. Eddy is currently the managing partner of i manage, on the board of directors of i manage KSA, on the board of directors of Tabliyit Massaad, the fasted expanding Lebanese fast casual concept in Lebanon (20 outlets in 2 years), Acting General Manager of Kababji Grill, franchise developer for Urbanista, Mazzat, Malak al Tawouk and founder of Swiss Butter.


Our Services

We are dedicated to providing management services to restaurant businesses looking for opportunities
to increase their potential for success. We work exclusively with restaurants to develop concrete and
practical action plans that will start moving their businesses in the right direction.

Our Clients

We’ve had the pleasure to work with, develop and enhance some of the best brands in the F&B business.
We are very proud of our portfolio and the accomplishments that we have been able to achieve with our clients.


As doers rather than talkers, we prefer to let our work speak for itself.
That’s why we’re pleased when clients say positive things about our work and the way we work

"It was the first time that I deal with a services company and I’m extremely satisfied. I have a solid back office system working properly due to i manage team effort and commitment to their deliverables. They developed my franchise system and helped me to organize our relationship with existing franchisees. I highly recommend the whole team."

Joseph Saade – CEO – Malak al Tawouk

"i manage built our franchise system, they played a major role in dealing with franchise leads and building our infrastructure to support that significant growth we had. They are professional, honest and efficient in delivering results. I recommend them for any small brand willing to grow properly. "

Imad Massaad – COO – Tabliyet Massaad

“I’ve worked with i manage from day 1 and they have provided us with excellent “Back Office Management” services and have given us no causes for complaints. Their sincerity and dedication in providing us with a great service has in-turn gained profitability for us due to the visibility created. I sincerely recommend their services. ”

Donald Batal – CEO – Classic Burger Joint

“It was a great challenge where «i manage» succeeded to restructure and organize our business, the establishment of a clear strategy driven by appropriate implementation of systems for each business unit: cost control, supply chain, human resources, food safety... I highly recommend the whole team for their responsiveness, dedication, practical on site application and professionalism. ”

Giovanni Casa – CEO – Margherita

“i manage, one of the best if not the only executers in the market to setup and restructure any F&B business from the vision down to the departmental daily tasks. The combination of expertise, responsiveness and strategic thinking partnered with their high level of professionalism achieved a significant result for the Kababji business and organization. I highly recommend restaurant owners to work with I manage whether they want to establish a new concept, restructure their organization or grow their business. ”

Toufic Khoueiri – CEO – Kababji